22 Minutes of Passion

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“The things that you do should be the things that you love.
The things that you love should be the things that you do.”
                               Ray Bradbury

Putting up my writing website has been a long time coming. Six years ago, I was a card-carrying technophobe. It is (almost unfathomable) that I am now – quite literally – worldwide.

From a young age, I have loved language and foreign languages. I wrote my first article, an interview with the band who would play at my senior prom, when I was in 12th grade.

I have woven in and out of writing my whole life and I like to say that, even during the times when I wasn’t writing, I was preparing for the time when I would write again.  That time was inevitable because I am – in essence and form – a writer. And, because writing is my passion.

It doesn’t matter what I’m writing; I surrender to the process in anticipation of the product. For life is a process, is it not? And, in my opinion, that process should be fueled by passion. Which brings me to the subject of the above-stated quote by Mr. Ray Bradbury. I want to share with you this gorgeous, 22-minute interview of Bradbury, produced in 2005 by the National Endowment for the Arts, and filmed in Bradbury’s home in Los Angeles when he was in his 80s. http://ed.ted.com/on/fEH0EaiV

You will giggle. You will laugh out loud. You will be inspired. You might even cry but you’ll be crying tears of joy. Mostly, your heart will burst open with the excitement of watching and listening to Ray Bradbury – worldwide literary treasure and self-proclaimed “young boy who fell in love with life.”

Bradbury reveals the origin of the title of his best-known work, “Fahrenheit 451”. He’ll tell you about having met “The Illustrated Man” himself as a child; then how, as an adult, he wrote the book, which later became a film.  You’ll giggle when he tells you how at age 12 (the age at which he decided to become a writer), he looked up at the planet Mars and said “Take me home!” and then went on to write “The Martian Chronicles”.

But even if you’ve never heard of Ray Bradbury (who died in 2012 at the age of 91), or you’ll never read one, single, illustrious word he ever wrote, there’s something I want you to see:


I want you to see it to remind you what it looks like, in case you’ve forgotten.

Then ask yourself if you’re living your passion or if you’re squelching it. Do you have something to share with the world that you’re holding back on because you’re afraid? Or you don’t know what to do? Or how to do it? Or what to do next? Or if it’ll be any good? Or if anyone will want it? Or appreciate it?

I’ve been in all those scenarios and I’ve asked myself all those questions. But, in the end, none of that shit matters.  We’ve each got gifts and we’re supposed to share them and that’s all there it to it.

So, if you’re holding back and you need some help getting your message out, I’ll be here waiting for you.

Let’s share our passions with each other. And by “each other”, I mean The World. It’s our collective Essence and Destiny to do so.

And watch this interview with Ole Ray. I guarantee your heart will burst wide open. I’ll give you your money back if it doesn’t. But it will.


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